Karma Group’s professional and highly trained staff are responsible for ensuring that House of Karma Members understand and follow the Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”) for membership. The goal is to ensure that all Members are able to take advantage of the unique services, benefits and experiences that House of Karma provides. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these Terms & Conditions in order to get the most out of your House of Karma membership.

    The name of the Club shall be “House of Karma” (“Club”) and the Club cards could be purchased online.
    The Owner of House of Karma is Karma Club Pte. Ltd. (company number 201602081K), a private limited company incorporated in Singapore. The Owner may appoint its representatives from its group of companies within the Karma Group (“Representatives”). 
    3.1. All Members and guests shall comply with the T&Cs of the Club and all other regulations promulgated and amended from time to time.

    3.2. The rights and privileges of a Member shall be personal to himself/herself. Except if permitted by the T&Cs, each Member shall not, by his/her own act or by operation of law:

    Transfer, assign, let, or otherwise dispose of any of his/her rights and privileges in the Club; or charge or mortgage the rights and privileges of his/her Membership, or solicit or accept any money or money’s worth or other valuable consideration of any description whereby the rights of his/her Membership may be transferred, assigned let or otherwise disposed of or affected.

    3.3. A Member shall not by reason of his/her Membership have any proprietary rights, interest, benefit, title, or claim whatsoever to or against or in respect of the Owner, its Representatives, and/or any other person or their respective monies, properties, assets, and undertakings whatsoever whether during the existence of the Club or upon or after its dissolution.

    3.4. All Members shall be liable for all their own acts, omissions, neglects, and defaults (directly or indirectly).

    3.5. Members shall not be entitled to use any of the facilities of the Club or have any rights or privileges of Membership or the right to receive Membership Cards until they have complied with all the conditions set out in Clause 5.

    3.6. A copy of these T&Cs can be found on the Club Website: The Owner reserves the right to make changes to the T&Cs from time to time in accordance with the intention of the Club, but shall always ensure the Members are notified of any substantial changes.
    4.1. The owner of a Membership will be referred to as “Member”.

    4.2. All Members shall be over 18 years of age.

    4.3 All Members must provide valid contact information. When required, the Club will communicate to Members using the contact information in their membership accounts.

    4.4 Members shall not use the Club for the purposes of any trade or in a manner prejudicial to the Owner’s interest.

    4.5 Members shall not conduct themselves in a manner likely to cause discomfort, inconvenience or annoyance to other Members, or behave in such a manner as to bring the Club into disrepute.

    4.6 Members shall have complimentary access to members only events, unless expressly stated otherwise for special events. Members are permitted to bring a limited number of non-members guests per event, to be advised for each event. The guests can purchase tickets in advance and register their name on the door to enter as a guest of the House of Karma. The payment for the House of Karma event is non-refundable.
    5.1. A person can join to be a Member by submitting the following documents :
    • A completed and signed copy of the Membership application form (online).
    • The payment of the fee in the applicable local currency (“Membership Fee”) by Credit Card (bank) transfer to the locally appointed Representative.

    5.2. Upon receipt of the payment and the complete application form, the person will become a Member of the Club and is bound by these club T&Cs and will receive their Membership wristband (either in hard copy or digitally).

    5.3. The Membership starts (“Start Date”) upon receipt of the payment of the Membership Fee and shall be valid for the duration of one year maximum (“The Term”).
    6.1. The Membership Fee is non-refundable.

    6.2. Apart from the Membership Fee, each Member has to be responsible for payment of all consumption of food and beverages, spa services, special events or any other chargeable services or fees, by themselves, or their guests.
    7.1.  The Member will be issued with a Membership wristband that the Member will receive after payment of the Membership Fee.

    7.2. The Membership wristband remains the property of the Owner and shall not be circulated to non-members, transferred or assigned. Upon becoming a Member, each Member shall undertake that he will not use his/her Membership wristband for solicitation of money, guarantee, or mortgage.

    7.3. The Membership wristband may be digital.
    8.1.  House of Karma Members will receive the following benefits:
    • 5 nights free accommodation at participating Karma Group resorts (one bedroom room or villa, subject to availability).
    • 20% discount off Best Available Room rates on applicable Karma Group properties.
    • From 20% discount on Food & Beverage at all Karma Group venues.
    • From 20% discount on all wellness treatments at all Karma Spa venues.
    • Enjoy early check-in and late check-out. (Subject to availability)
    • Dogs are welcome at no additional charge at selected Karma Group properties.
    • Exclusive access to monthly member events, both at Karma Group resorts and in your home city; think networking nights, beach festivals, supper clubs, boat parties, bootcamps and more
    • Exclusive access to bespoke Karma experiences including but not limited to wellness retreats, boats parties on the Nile, resort takeovers, Bali Gras, ski weeks, VIP invites to the hottest events in town (additional costs may apply)
    • ‘Pimp my Villa’ package during your stay at any Karma Group resorts, cocktails on arrival, secret menu items, private dining opportunities and many more treats along the way (on an ad-hoc basis)
    • Bespoke member discounts with our partnered brands.

    The Club’s current participating hotels to avail the complimentary 5 nights accommodation and 20% off Best Available Room rates are as follows:
    • Bali – Karma Kandara, KR Candidasa, KR Sanur and KR Jimbaran.
    • Thailand – KR Boat Lagoon, Phuket.
    • Vietnam – Karma Song Hoai Hoi An.
    • India – KR Royal Palms, KR Haathi Mahal, KR Benaulim, KR MonteRio in Goa.
    • Karma Chakra & Karma Munnar in Kerala. Karma Haveli in Jaipur, Karma Sunshine Village in Bangalore, Karma Sitabani in Corbett National Park, Karma Golden Camp in Jaisalmer, Karma Seven Lakes in Udaipur.
    • Europe, Greece – Karma Minoan in Crete, Germany – Karma Bavaria in Schliersee, France – Karma Résidence Normande in Normandy & Karma Château de Samary in Carcassonne. Egypt – Karma Karnak in Luxor. UK – Karma St. Martin’s in the Isles of Scilly & Karma Salford Hall in the Vale of Evesham. Scotland – Karma Lake of Menteith in Stirling. Italy – Karma Borgo di Colleoli in Tuscany and Spain – Karma La Herriza in Malaga.
    • (Details of the resorts are on the Karma Group website

    The participating hotels may be added or removed at the Club’s sole discretion.

    8.2.  Exclusions
    1. The benefits under this Membership cannot be exchanged against any other entitlements, or points held by the Member in any other (Karma affiliated) Club.
    2. The benefits under this Membership cannot be accrued and/or used outside the Term of this Membership.
    3. Reciprocal Partner Membership (Associate Member) benefits are not valid or extended to existing Karma Group staff members, legal owners or registered family members.
    House of Karma members shall have access to members-only events throughout the year. Some events will be complimentary, others will require additional ticket purchases. Members are permitted to invite non-member guests to some events. Guests must purchase tickets in advance and register their name and contact details in order to attend as a guest of the House of Karma member. Any payments made by the member or the guest for the House of Karma event are non-refundable.
    A Membership  is not transferable and only applies to the person named on the Membership.
    11.1. Members may cancel their Membership by email to The Membership fee shall not be refunded upon resignation and/or termination.

    11.2. The Membership shall be renewed automatically for a similar term unless terminated by the Member by written notice to prior to the expiry date. A notification will be sent to the Members prior to the expiry date.

    11.3. Any Member who shall for any reason whatsoever cease to be a Member of the Club shall nevertheless remain liable for and shall pay the Owner or its Representative(s), all outstanding balances arising from expenses, treatments, and/or any other consumptions, which at the time of his/her ceasing to be a Member is owed by him/her to the Owner/Representatives.

    11.4. After cessation of Membership, the Member upon such termination surrenders all rights to or claims on the Club, if any, and these possible rights or claims shall be deemed to be forfeited or waived.
    12.1. The Club, the Owner, the Representatives, their management, staff, or agents shall not be liable or responsible whatsoever for any inconveniences, damages, financial loss, death, injury to person or property of any Member or guests or any persons howsoever caused whether arising from a breach of contract or in tort or otherwise, whether in relation to the use of the facilities or participation in any activities of the Club and or on any of the Karma Group Properties or otherwise.

    12.2. All Members, guests, and any other persons shall enter the Karma Group properties or use the facilities or equipment of the Karma Group at their own risk and such Member shall indemnify the Club, the Owner, staff, agents, or representative on a full indemnity basis against all claims, actions, demands, proceedings, impositions, financial losses, damages, expenses, disbursements, liability and suffered or incurred.

    12.3. In no event will the Club and its subsidiaries and affiliates, any participating property and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents be liable for any direct, indirect, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, whether based in contract, tort or otherwise, which arise out of or are in any way connected with the Membership.
  13. WAIVER
    No condoning, excusing or overlooking by the Owner/Representative of any default, breach or non-observance or non-compliance by the Member shall operate as a waiver of the Owner’s rights hereunder.
    Any question as to the interpretation of these T&Cs or any other matter connected with  the Club shall be determined by the Owner whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
    15.1. Every Member shall be bound by these T&Cs.

    15.2. The Owner/Representative shall notify every newly elected member of the existence of these T&Cs then in force; and copies of the rules in force or the time being shall be available at all times on the Club Website.
    Every Member shall promptly inform the Owner and/or Representative of any change of home or e-mail address, directly in writing by email.
    Any disputes arising out of or related to the Membership will be handled individually without any class action, and will be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Singapore, without regards to its conflict of law rules. The exclusive jurisdiction for any claim or action arising out of or relating to the Membership may be filed only in the courts of Singapore.
    The Membership is subject to all applicable local laws and regulations. The Member benefits are offered in good faith; however, they may not be available if prohibited or restricted by application or regulation in Singapore or the Member’s jurisdictions of residence. If any part of these T&C is held to be unlawful or unenforceable, that part will be deemed deleted from the T&C in such jurisdiction and the remaining provisions will remain in force.

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